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Innovative engineering services for today's world.

Why choose Agtech?

The Agtech Engineering Difference

What makes Agtech Engineering a competitive organization in the Region?

It all begins with our core values that provide a strong foundation for success. Our values define who we are and are reflected in every aspect of our operations.

We provide the day-to-day delivery of services, allowing you to focus on the strategic areas affecting your firm’s core business.

We Build our People - And They Build the Business.

The strength of our quality commitment in everything we do is reflected through our track record of professionalism and customer satisfaction thanks to our most valuable asset - our people.

Our people - our fresh thinkers, our innovators, our ground breakers, create a new future each day with enthusiasm, helping the corporation to build sustainable performance and stay out in front.

Agtech Engineering is well positioned for the future with a highly qualified, committed team to cater the needs of diverse clientele.

Our clients and customers count on us to deliver the quality products and services they need now and into the future.


Our Latest Accomplishments

Danish Embassy
3rd and 4th Floor Lotis Towers- 16 Mackinon Road- Nakasero
Six (6) Months
Oryx Oil Uganda Ltd
Kampala Service Stations & Depot
2019 to date
Andela Uganda
103 Bukoto street Kamwokya
Three(3) Years
Luwero Ind.Ltd
Kingfisher- Hoima District
One (1) Month
Kilyandongo Local Government (Kigumba town council)
Kilyandongo Local Government (Kigumba town council)
01/05/2017 to 30/06/2018

Innovation in Engineering

At the heart of our


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Sales & Marketing @StemaAssociatesLtd
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IT @spedag
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CEO @AnotherHope
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