Mechanical Engineering

Production - Supply - Maintenance

From Site developments, to water systems and energy facilities Agtech works with clients to shape a better Africa through the efficient, affordable and sustainable sourcing of energy, its dispatch and use.

Agtech designs mechanical systems for materials handling, processing and storage; fluid pumping and piping; industrial ventilation; power generation; and air pollution control. We design building systems (plumbing, heating, air conditioning and ventilation) and provide special equipment and machine design.

At Agtech we design, supply, install and maintain; - Generators domestic and commercial,

  • Hydrocarbon production and storage facilities including, but not limited, vessels, separators, tanks, steam boilers, power generation equipment, instrumentation, pumps, piping, hoses, manifolds, valves, bitutainers, etc,
  • Fuel storage and dispensation facilities,
  • Remote Fuel Monitoring Systems, - Industrial processing equipment,
  • Specialized welding and fabrication systems.

Fuel storage and dispensation facilities

Other Mechanical Engineering Services

Services tailored to your specific needs

Waste Water Treatment plants and water treatment

Agtech’s water engineers and hydrologists under take the design, supply, installation and maintenance of various water systems including the following;

  • Drainage systems including calculations for design discharges, open channels, weirs and collection systems
  • Waste water and sewage treatment plant (WW&STP)
  • Reverse osmosis plants (RO)-Water storage facilities - under and above ground
  • Boreholes - hand and motorized
  • Water sampling, data collection and quality analysis.

Design, supply, install and maintainence

At Agtech we also design, supply, install and maintain;

  • Milking parlor
  • Cow feeding sheds/structures
  • Calf pens
  • Spray races
  • Water troughs

Our promise

We review the latest in infrastructure technology, design approaches, and construction practices to provide our clients with value today and into the future, whether through decreased capital costs, reduced maintenance, environmental protection, or extended facility lifespan