The Agtech Advantage

Our people - Cost savings - Technology

Adding Value – The Advantages of Our Approach
We provide the day-to-day delivery of services, allowing you to focus on the strategic areas affecting your firm’s core business. We add value through:

Our people.

Our cross-functional teams provide you with direct access to the most highly qualified, trained professionals in the industry, with specialized expertise in various areas of Facilities Management including Mission Critical Operations, Budgeting & Financial Management, Sustainability Programs, Energy Management and Procurement.

Cost savings.

We will help you achieve your financial goals by identifying the specific facilities and expense categories that yield the greatest cost savings.


Our advanced technology platform will help you reduce costs, increase efficiency and responsiveness, and provide 24/7/365 access to track and monitor your portfolio.

Energy management and sustainability programs

We will assist you with your environmental objectives by tailoring our comprehensive, multi-faceted program to your specific needs, which often results in significant reductions in energy, waste disposal and water usage resulting in both savings, as well as public recognition of your Corporate Social Responsibility achievements.

Procurement programs

Our programs leverage our portfolio to achieve better-than-market rates for facility management-related goods and services.

An exceptional organization helmed by exceptional individuals

We Build our People - And They Build the Business

The strength of our quality commitment in everything we do is reflected through our track record of professionalism and customer satisfaction thanks to our most valuable asset - our people. 

Agtech Engineering’s commitment to value and ongoing training enables our teams to provide quality solutions to our customers and empowers us to exceed their expectations, every day. 

Our people - our fresh thinkers, our innovators, our ground breakers, create a new future each day with enthusiasm, helping the corporation to build sustainable performance and stay out in front.

Ambitious Plans for the future.

Agtech Engineering is well positioned for the future with a highly qualified, committed team to cater the needs of diverse clientele. Our clients and customers count on us to deliver the quality products and services they need now and into the future.


Our focus on high quality ensures that our clients trust us as a reliable partner for innovative, high quality products and solutions to improve their comfort, security and productivity.


In a world constantly undergoing transition, Agtech Engineering Designs and Provides innovative,sustainable and custom solutions to respond to all its customers’ needs every day.


By putting customers at the heart of its value added model, Agtech Engineering assures they can access its products and solutions at any time, through multiple channels, around the East Africa.

On the road to optimum performance.

At Agtech Engineering our reputation precedes us wherever we go. We make stringent demands of ourselves, because our clients do not expect anything less than the best from us.